Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well...that will learn me for taking a joyride.

So today was a beautiful day so I decided to go out for a bit and let the GTI get some exercise. During my travels I ended up on the Beltway heading north towards Maryland, when I decided to take Georgetown Pike to see what it's like. Then about 1/2 a mile down the road, I hear what I would think would be the 3rd worse sound when one is in a car (behind a wreck and engine cutting off), and that was a loud bang followed by a whoosh sound. Never heard that sound before, but I knew what it was. Although I didn't see anything in the road, my front passenger tire went flat in a hurry!

I stopped when I could to check it out...then started to limp down the GW Parkway (this ended up being a mistake). Why's that, because it has no shoulder! Tire eventually got worse, and to the point where I finally hit the exit to Rosslyn and I finally had to pull over. Here's where I thank the high heavens that today was a nice day...because I spent the next 45ish minutes on the shoulder figuring out through my manuals how to take off the tire and put the spare on. Needless to say I did it, although I sweated my ass off doing so (and chose today to wear white shorts...haha).

Anyways, I got it on and made my way to my VW dealer hoping they would still be open...and I got there right after their service dept. closed. Luckily I have a tire warranty, so here's hoping I can cash in and get the same type of tire. Meanwhile my GTI probably smells of burning rubber with that wheel in the back (I do have the windows cracked though).

So yeah, it sucked...but I'm proud I did it by myself...and hopefully I won't be paying a dime out of pocket.


Mom said...

Some joy ride. Glad you are fine.
How is the White shorts, I'm sure they are not white now.

Dad said...

Wow Son!!
I am so glad that you didn't get hurt.
Hope your wheel and suspension are OK.
Don't forget that tomorrow is a holiday. Pomoco is open tomorrow, but for sales only.