Wednesday, August 26, 2009

D.C. United...and a flow chart.

Well, here are some pictures from the DC United vs. LA Galaxy game this past Saturday. Game tied @ 0-0...but hey, as my friend Sarah says, "at least it wasn't a loss!".

Disclaimer: Make sure you read the caption on the last picture, lest you get all up in arms.

DC United v LA Galaxy 8/22/09

Oh, and here's the thought process for me and my fellow I.T. guys @ work:

Click for chart.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come back Neve...

So, one of my grandparents cats is hoping she returns safely. Best guess is she may have crossed the river behind their house and is crawling around the mountain on that side.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I already loathe the idea of winter being on its way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 Things

Three names I go by:
1. Michael
2. Mikey
3. Mike

Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. cashier/bagger @ Food Lion
2. semi-short career in the Air Force
3. Desktop Support Admin

Three Places I have lived
1. Virginia
2. Mississippi
3. Germany

Three Favorite drinks
1. water
2. G2
3. Orange Juice

Three TV Shows that I watch
1. Scrubs
2. Entourage
3. How I Met Your Mother

Three places I have been
1. Holland
2. Italy
3. Iraq

Three of my favorite foods
1. Salad
2. Burgers
3. Eggs

Three Things I am looking forward to
1. the Saints Redskins game
2. being a full time student
3. 9-11 Memorial 5K

Three Things you LOVE about yourself
1. my metabolism
2. hazel eyes are cool
3. that I normally don't let things get to me

Three things you would save if you had to vacate your home in an emergency
1. wallet
2. keys
3. fire safe box

Three Favorite holidays-in order
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving
3. Fourth of July

Three Favorite fruits
1. Grapes
2. Strawberries
3. kiwi

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick Note

Just contemplating if I should "give up" on the one "crush" I've mentioned here? I honestly went down to see her this past weekend...with a side visit to the family in the cards. Now granted the trip was a bit last minute, nevertheless we did make some pretty official plans. Those plans did end up going by the wayside though as she changed plans on me. I will say, I'm not too miffed though, only because they were for family...if she had brushed me off for mere friends it would've been more of a grrr moment for sure. That being said, you would think one could make some time, no matter how little, for a friend coming in from out of town.

Oh well, we'll see what happens in a few weeks...when she is due to come up here.