Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feeling better...

Still congested...but at least I'm not coughing up lungs on the daily. Although something good has come out of being sick. That would be that I've gotten into a new health kick...doing things I should have been doing for a while now. One being actually taking a multi-vitamin daily...I actually took the first one this morning and actually felt difference in terms of energy throughout the day, and it actually kept me from being starving for lunch before 11. Then with 2 out of 4 elevators in building being out until April, I actually walk up and back down from the gym (keep in mind I live on the 10th floor, and the gym is on the Penthouse AKA 17th floor).

Now can it please get warmer so I can start running outside?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ugh...I hate being sick

So my butt has been kicked all around by some flu-like bug since Wednesday. Was already tempted to take a sick day last week (even though I haven't earned one yet), but stuck it out. Those that know me also know I like to stay away from meds...but not this time. God bless that Rite Aid right below my apartment...even if the stuff hasn't helped out all that much. Every morning I wake up hoping I slept it off to no needless to say this screwed my normal weekend activities. Stayed @ home Friday night, all day Saturday, got dragged to Dan & Bobby's last night...but I left as they were making there way out for a night on the town.

So, here it is, Sunday, and I still feel yucky. Man, I wish it wasn't too late for a flu shot. :P

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weekday trip

So last night I met up with a former Lieutenant from Langley who was with me in Iraq. He actually lives up here in NoVA; but this is the first time we had gotten together since I moved up here. We had good reason too though. That reason being, one of the British guys we worked with @ NATO (we call him Dizzy) in Baghdad was in the area. He actually works on the AWACS (Google it), so he and couple other guys were in the "area" for training. Now why did I put "area" in quotes? Because we had to drive about 70 miles out to see them. They were at Solomons Island, MD, which just happens to sit right on the Chesapeake Bay.

Never heard of it? Yeah, me either. what a quaint little place. Although it must be nice being on the bay...but I wouldn't know; being it was in the black of night the whole time we were there. Anyways, had a grand old time hanging out with 4 Brits in this little pier side seafood place, then 2 of them retired and the rest of us tried to find a place to have a drink. Well, we found it...again a quaint place...but awesome hearing stories about the Falkland Islands from Dizzy. Then we made the drive back to DC and I was back home by midnight.

But yeah, things like this remind me how cool it was to be in the military. Something like that never would've happened if I had been a civilian my whole life. Heck, I even I have a free place to stay if I ever make it the UK!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another "I did it" post.

Because I wanted a change...but now I want my hair back. Good thing it grows back fast huh?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally did it...

Even if the VA DMV was lame as heck and didn't transfer my voter registration to Arlington County...I still made a difference this week. I just got done donating a small amount to Barack Obama.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still love it here.

I'd just like to let everyone know I love hanging in D.C. with my friends. Had another awesome weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Plates

Here they explanation needed (hopefully).