Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow...I forgot what this feeling felt like

I'll get to that subject line in a bit; but I thought I'd give an update on what's kept me away from the blog so much; but what kept the Twitter feed pretty active. That would the fun-filled 5 days (not counting today...since I went back to work) I just went through. Here's some of the thing's I accomplished...many of them firsts!

1. Saw "Up" in 3D
2. Went to The National Zoo
3. Had 2 great nights @ Rhino (my bar)...especially Friday*
4. Lounged at the pool (this is special because I'm usually by myself)
5. Went to a DC United (soccer) game...awesome
6. Saw No Doubt in concert....really awesome
7. Went to the Natural History museum in DC and walked the Mall.

Now, to get back to the subject line. I did all this and more with a friend of mine. She was watching a family member's place out in Maryland, but chose to spend most of her time up here with me. Now this is a girl I've always admired since I first met her almost 3 years ago...and after 5 straight days with her...I'm all discombobulated inside. We have so much in common, from our likes, to our dislikes. I don't want to say I'm in love...but it's damn close to that. I've been slightly depressed since saying bye to her last night...and with every quiet day today at work and after, I've been thinking about her.

Now here's the problem, she lives in VA Beach...which I thought was a problem; but I'm *real* close to letting her know my feelings after she has time to settle in back home and see where it goes. I can tell you I haven't felt like this in awhile...in fact, I don't think I've ever fallen this hard before.

Hi butterflies in my stomach...you're floating around in there like the free flowing skirt she was wearing as we walked The Mall.



Dad said...

Looks like we have a lot to talk about this weekend.
Looking forward to our visit.
Hang in there son!

Mom said...

WOW,what a great 5 days you had.
Can't wait to hear more.
Looking forward to our visit.