Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 5K....and the rain

Well, the one 5K I was looking forward to all year finally arrived yesterday...along with this:

Let's just say I ran my first 5K in the rain. Which a normal runner would love...but it meant I couldn't use my iPod. You see, listening to music helps the time go by...and not having it made the race drag. That and since it was raining it was like a mini game of hurdles between me and the runners trying to avoid the biggest puddles. Anyways, I only felt my "hurt" leg for a little bit during the start and a tiny bit at the end...but I did put in a time right over 30 minutes...about 5 minutes slower than my average. I guess that's not too bad, considering I haven't really been running in over a month.

Oh, and bonus for having a low race number (55)...when the race had over 2,000 runners!


Dad said...

Glad to see you hanging in there and didn't let the rain stop you.

Mom said...

Way to go Son. Did you go the shoe store to be fitted for a new pair?