Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick Note

Just contemplating if I should "give up" on the one "crush" I've mentioned here? I honestly went down to see her this past weekend...with a side visit to the family in the cards. Now granted the trip was a bit last minute, nevertheless we did make some pretty official plans. Those plans did end up going by the wayside though as she changed plans on me. I will say, I'm not too miffed though, only because they were for family...if she had brushed me off for mere friends it would've been more of a grrr moment for sure. That being said, you would think one could make some time, no matter how little, for a friend coming in from out of town.

Oh well, we'll see what happens in a few weeks...when she is due to come up here.


Mom said...

Good luck with the visit.
I feel she should have made some time to see you. Even if was only an hour.
A good friend would make the time.

Dad said...

I agree with your Mom.
A good friend would have made some time to see you.
It would have been different if it was a surprise visit.
I think that you should share these feelings with her.
Best of luck son.