Monday, June 21, 2010

Rest in Peace girl. :(

Man it seems just like yesterday that I received the news about our dearly departed Puma (even though it's almost been 3 years since he has passed). And now comes word from the family that they had to put Misty down. Now granted I wasn't always the closest to her, since she arrived the year I graduated High School...but a family pet is such much more than the word "pet", they are a unconditionally loving member of the family. Rest in peace dear girl, I will dearly miss going to look for you (or her even greeting me), every time I make it back down to Yorktown to visit the family. I'm so grateful I was able to kiss the top of your head one final time last month. :(


Dad said...

Very beautiful son. You always have a way with words.
We will all miss her and I am glad that she was in our lives for as long as she was. My main regret is that I hope that she was not in too much pain for a long time while we refused to acknowledge what was to come.
We thought that the stress of adding a strange cat to the household was affecting her.
May our "little girl" rest in peace.

Mom said...

Yes, son you do have a way with words. I love the picture you choose. She is a very pretty girl. I remember the the evening when I first brought her over and your dad was laying on the bed. I put her on the bed and she went right up to your dad and went to sleep.We knew then she would be with us. She had a wonderful 14 years with us. May our "little girl" rest in peace. She will be missed.