Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long promised photos

I know I update this thing less and less lately, but such is the nature of my life...too busy to really mess with this thing! That being said, here's some of my shots from my first trip to Las Vegas last month for my old Korea roommate's 30th birthday. We had a suite at the MGM Grand...and as for lack of photos, that would be because I never carried my camera so most of these shots were acquired from others in the group...only the driving shots are from my cell phone. Enjoy!

Las Vegas 2010

Also of note is my running of the 2010 DC Red Dress Run. Google the term "hashing" and you'll understand a bit more. This was this past Saturday, and is now officially in the top 5 days/nights I've ever had here in DC!

Both events were harmless...but VERY fun. :D


Dad said...

Long time between blogs!
Thanks for the many pics.
It must have been fun running in that long dress.
Is that why you had it knotted up on one side?

Mikey said...

Had it knotted to make it less school marm.

Mom said...

Nice lookin legs son.
Looks you had a great time.

100% said...


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