Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four AM

So, woke up at 4AM to finally attend a Pacers Fun Run. Though the motivation came from the promise of Guinness cupcakes and the fact I had a few of my fellow Pacers Ambassadors twisting my arm to show up! Ran 5 miles from Rosslyn then into DC. Too include running past my bar in Georgetown, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, and Iwo Jima Memorial. This picture was the ambassador portion of the group (there seemed to be over 20 of us total). Oh and finished in plenty of time to make it into work!

Oh, and curse them hazel eyes of mine for always rocking the red eye!

PS...I still love living here! =)


Mom said...

My My you had a very busy day. Looks like you are having a good time. And you got up that Early wow wow

Dad said...

Wow, I never got up that early for a run.
BTW: on closer inspection of your pic, you are not the only one with the Red Eye : )

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