Friday, October 19, 2007

Just because it's been awhile.

Update: Still no job

Why: Because the IT market here sucks and I still haven't applied for a job in the NoVA/DC area yet. I know I keep saying this; but Hampton Roads gets one more chance. There is a job fair in Hampton on the 25th that I will be attending in full force. If nothing promising comes from that, then I'm going to start applying to jobs in the northern part of the state that following Monday. I'm getting tired of sitting around the house not trying to spend money...I want to relieve the boredom. Not to mention get a paycheck again.

Did I mention, I hate HR people who call you, it sounds promising over the phone. They then say "I'll call you back later today or tomorrow." Well that's happened over 5 times to me in the last few weeks. False leads suck. Oh well...time to see what's good for this weekend.

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