Monday, October 22, 2007

So I applied with a job with Canon's Tech Support team...and was quoted 11-12 an hour. Yeah, no thanks. So, barring any other calls before Thursday, I will attend a job fair in Hampton. Then if nothing good comes from that, NoVA jobs will be applied for next week.


Dad said...

Hang in there Son!
We know you want to stay local and we want you to, but we know you gotta do what you gotta do.

Tachyon said...

Telling you man, go north, make your money (up in DC you should be pulling in 65K+), rental market is good, then from there be empowered to move somewhere else.

Don't short yourself. You can always go back south in a few years with your company, associates of your company, etc with a big wad of cash and more options. I went through this when I got out. I thought I was going to move the family back to NJ, or Boston. But the job market wasn't there, and it was stressful. So I bit the bullet, got the job in DC, made my connections and my cash, and THEN moved to where I wanted to.

Good luck man, if you need any referrals to some folks in NoVa, I work with the Big 5 (LM, NG, GD, Raytheon, Boeing) and they are always hiring.