Monday, November 12, 2007

My "First" Veteran's Day

...And it couldn't come at a worse time for me. Well, perhaps worse is too strong a word...but I'll try to tell you what I mean. Those who've been around me since I was approved for the early out from the Air Force know I've had doubts about my decision. Those doubts could go away once I finally start working; but alas, I'm still on the job search. So with my days of countless internet job searching, studying for A+ certification, and general stresses associated with these hasn't been easy giving up the military. Still living so close to Langley AFB doesn't help matters either. I see the uniforms everyday in my apartment complex and in the local places of business. Not to mention the sounds of Raptors and Eagles flying overhead. All constant reminders of what I gave up.

That being said...I'm officially saying that I regret my decision. I think the decision was made based on peers leaving the military and me thinking I needed to do the same. Heck, being Iraq was a tiny part of it as well...not a huge factor, but certainly a detractor. Now some of you will still want to spout your line about "your opinion will change when you start working", and that may be true. Not a 100 percent true though...because I know for certain no matter how much I love that future job and things like growing facial hair...a part of me will still long for the feel of slipping on the uniform and going to work with men & women who everyday sacrifice a bit of themselves so the rest of us can enjoy life's freedoms.

So on this Veteran's Day...please think of all those service members: past, present, and future.


Dad said...

I know that you miss the military. I still do myself, and I have been retired for going on seven years. I wish there was a way that you could return, but that appears not to be.
On another note, I am constantly amazed at how well you communicate your feelings through your writing. You have a gift not not many others have. I would like to see you get into professional writing some day. Here's hoping and praying your job search ends soon and you can get on with life.

Pamela said...

I miss the military life to in a way.
Would have done things differently. Travel more when we were in Germany.
At least we did some. Don't miss the packing up and cleaning the base housing.But I can understand that you do. I agree with dad lets hope your search ends soon, so that you can go with your life.