Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well, everyone who knows me, knows I value the internet over TV. Well, a Comcast tech came out tonight for my install. The crappy thing is that they only had me down for the HDTV internet (or phone...but that I don't care about as much). So anyways, my account is so new with them, that I have to wait a day or two for ordering a self-install kit.

Anyways...thanks to the "mommy" network for the free WiFi access.

As for the job, it's going well. In fact, my company should be providing a free lunch tomorrow at a nice little restaurant in the underground.

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Dad said...

#@!%&* Cable Company!
Boy, that brings back memories from Cox Comm:
1. Customer orders certain product.
2. Cable tech comes out to install different product.
3. Customer Service has no idea what went wrong.
4. Nobody happy

Anywho, how is the HDTV service? Can't wait to see it.