Saturday, December 29, 2007

I cheated on the GTI today.

So yeah, I took a drive out to the Dulles area for 2 reasons today. One, to buy some more nice shirts at my favorite clothing store (H&M), and two, to check out a couple cars. Yes, you heard that right...I was car shopping.

For those that know me, they know I've been into the relaunched Mini Coopers ever since they came out back in '02. In fact, when I bought the GTI, the Mini was #2 in line...and I ended up going with the GTI since it was a larger car for the money. All the while, I still get a kick out of seeing Minis on the road...still wishing I had one.

So why am I car shopping already? Well, it comes down to the fact I'm looking at leasing a Mini for 2 years to see if I like it or not. With me not having to drive to work, it would be pretty advantageous to go for a lease. Cheaper car payment = more money to put away. Don't worry though, this is something that won't even happen for a few months (if I even do it)...and if I do happen to go for it...I will be most likely special ordering it...getting it exactly the way I want it.


Dad said...

Where do I sign up for a "test drive" after you get the Mini?
...and I really got used to seeing you in the Vdub.

Tachyon said...

Lease? to save money? =P

If your not using the car, why not just pay off the one you have. Then you would have no car payments.

Then again, this is Mike we're talking about, I'm surprise you kept the GTI for so long =P