Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ugh...I hate being sick

So my butt has been kicked all around by some flu-like bug since Wednesday. Was already tempted to take a sick day last week (even though I haven't earned one yet), but stuck it out. Those that know me also know I like to stay away from meds...but not this time. God bless that Rite Aid right below my apartment...even if the stuff hasn't helped out all that much. Every morning I wake up hoping I slept it off to no needless to say this screwed my normal weekend activities. Stayed @ home Friday night, all day Saturday, got dragged to Dan & Bobby's last night...but I left as they were making there way out for a night on the town.

So, here it is, Sunday, and I still feel yucky. Man, I wish it wasn't too late for a flu shot. :P


Dad said...

Sorry You have been feeling bad.
I think everyone I know has been sick with the bug this year.

Tachyon said...

You and my family both.

Sonja had (still has) 103 fever
Sophia got over hers
Kris was puking so bad we had to call the ambulance (I'm talking an impressive amount, and that means something coming from me)
and I...well I have to tough it out to keep my girls doing good, but I feel like butt.

Get better man!