Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New GI Bill

OMG...I've never been this excited about old Dubya signing something into law...like ever! So if you haven't heard, the new GI Bill basically gives anyone who has served at least 3 years active duty military since 9/11 to what basically amounts to a full ride to a school of their choice. Here are some choice details:  

-Tuition paid upfront to the school at the beginning of each term  
-Capped at the tuition cost of the most expensive public school in the state  
-More expensive schools offering veterans scholarships will be matched dollar for dollar  
-Books/Supplies: $1,000/yr. paid upfront and divided by academic term  
-Plus a $1,000/month for living expenses  

So yeah, they say it will take the VA sometime to get this program in place...but once they do I want to be one of the first ones in line. Bye bye I.T., hello to my dream job teaching! It will take me longer than most, but I am so determined to get there.  

Oh, and I'd like to thank both of Virginia's Senators (especially the Bill's founder, Mr. Webb) for honoring the vets of today with this beautiful piece of legislation.

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Dad said...

I was wondering if you had heard about this. I saw it in the paper yesterday.
Now to wait while the govt. hammers out the details.