Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wall*E rocks...lost iPhone, not so much.

Just a quick update today:

First, saw Wall*E opening night.  I loved and I challenge anyone to see that movie and not fall in love with Wall*E...if you can't you are one heartless SOB.

Second, having your beloved cell phone slip out of your pocket in a cab sucks.  Especially when you don't notice until long after the cab has driven off...and you had no idea what cab company it was.  that being said, I've switched over to Verizon and actually have a Northern Virginia number now...and I'm on a Blackberry.



Mom said...

Yes I loved WALL-E, it was great, want to see it again.
Sorry about your phone, hope it won't be to costly to end the contract.
Love your new hairdo. Thanks for the 30 min visit, take what ever I can take.

Dad said...

1. Totally agree, Wall*E is awesome!!
Want to see it in the theater again.
Also loved the "short" before it. Was it just me or did that remind you a little of the old Warner Bros. cartoons?
2. Can't believe you no longer have your iPhone. Really bad luck on that.