Wednesday, November 5, 2008

End of the night...and I can't sleep...

...because I'm so excited! I actually went up to my roof after Barack's acceptance speech to let out a yell or two and just let it all in (being so close to D.C. and all) . I'm not even going to touch the cell phone picture to keep the rawness of it.

That being said, for all those who don't think so, I love and respect John McCain. In fact, he was a favorite of mine way back in 2000 for the GOP nomination. He has done great things for our country and it's a shame his party turned him into something he wasn't not too long ago (and his not-so-great running mate). I think we all saw the real John during his concession speech. He's more of a man than I can ever aspire to be! Here's to him continuing to serve our great country.

Now, as for Barack, I just hope everyone takes his speech to heart. Because even if you didn't vote for him, we all need to come together as a country. We have made history tonight America, and we need to chart a new course to get us out of the messes we are in.

I love my country!

PS. Peep my "I voted in Arlington" sticker in the picture above. :D

PS PS. Congrats again to Sen. Mark Warner as well! Wish I kept that invite to his HQ/party...but alas, mikey wanted a date and couldn't find one (at least locally). Haha



Don b said...

Wow, Dude can you believe it! I'm so proud of Obama. I have to admit at first I was very skeptical, because of his back ground, but still proud of him. I agree with you on Joh McCain, he really step down with class. I'm happy that for this one moment everyone is happy, now I hope it will last. We as americans need some thing believe in again. Anyway how are you mike PLS call me dude!!!

Don B

Don B said...

By the way sorry I txt you so late doing the Mid-shift thing again.

Dad said...

It was tense at first, but I felt positive that this would be the outcome. Wish I had stayed awake to hear the acceptance/concession speeches, but I am sure I can find them on the internet somewhere (youtube). God Bless the USA

Morgan said...

You're right about McCain, last night's speech reminded me of how he used to be, before becoming such a politically divisive figure. I'm hopeful that he will return to his pre-campaign persona now that the election is over.
Also, WOOHOO!!!!!!!