Monday, November 10, 2008

What a weekend

So, now that Bobby is officially single again, it's been a bit harder to stay in on the weekends. Although after the great week I (and the country) had last week, I was down for a bit of celebrating this weekend. Needless to say I went out both nights...and I have been tired ever since. I plan on recouping some sleep tonight/tomorrow. That being said, I won't get in to too much detail about what transpired...although shy Mikey has reared it's ugly head, and as I type this out I'm currently too nervous to call this girl I met on Friday night! I mean, heck, I'm 30 years old...this should not even be an issue.

So tomorrow is Veteran's Day...and I have it off. I actually only have on thing planned and that is to head over to Air Force Memorial just up the hill from me and take some time to reflect.

Finally, "Quantum of Solace" comes out this weekend! Already have a group all set to go on Saturday night...I'll be sure to post up here with my full opinions.

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Dad said...

I'll be thinking of you today on this Veteran's Day. I will also be thinking of all those that we have lost and their families, and those that remain but have lost some part(s) of themselves.