Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5K Update

Well, I know I just posted about the 5k, below...but I have just registered for another 5K. So as of right now I'll be running 6 5K races in April (not counting the one below)! Methinks I'll be retiring the current running shoes a bit early at the end of April!

Anyways, I signed up a 5K that benefits the Loudon County Battered Womens' Shelter. Thing is I'll have to drive over 40 miles just for the race! A little past Leesburg and practically right next to West Virginia!


I will admit one big reason I signed up for this one (since I hadn't heard about it otherwise), and that was I was searching to see if Volkswagen America was sponsoring any races in the area (since their HQ is in Herndon)...and lo and behold I found this.

Technical Tee for the race (sure to have VW on it)!

No headphone use...grr...that will the make the race a bit more grueling/long for me!

Oh well, here's to 30+ kilometers next month!

1 comment:

Dad said...

That's a lot of running!
We will talk to you soon about possibly cheering you on for one of your races.