Saturday, March 20, 2010

New rubber for the road

It's amazing how fast I've gone through shoes since I really kicked my running into high gear a little over 3 years ago. Well, I already foresee needing some a new pair by late spring, and had been lusting over some new technology Nike has put out within the last few months...just didn't want to spend the $100 the shoes retail for. So I did tons of scouring on the 'net trying to find a good deal...and lo behold I scored the shoes locally! I actually wanted to buy them from the local running store that organizes the races I run...but they are out and claimed these things are on national backorder. Long story short...went to Sports Authority with a $25 coupon on hand...and found some marked down to $ do the math!


Mom said...

WOW, My Son you did get a good deal. nice color

Dad said...

Congrats Son! do they feel?
Nice shoppin', BTW

Mikey said...

They feel great Dad. Look up Lunarglide.

Dad said...

Checked it out online. Nice!
Wished I had waited before I bought my current pair.
Maybe they will still be around when I need replacements in a couple of years.