Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long time, no post.

Anyways, here's the down and dirty. My birthday was last week and after finally deciding to celebrate it by having a little party at a martini bar in Virginia Beach, things decided to turn sour. First, I wake up the morning of my big day with a cough (little did I know what this was foretelling. I had a cool meal made by mom at the family's house, and then went with Aaron to Bailey's for a beer.

That night I get no sleep...and next thing I know, it's Sunday before I even leave the apartment again (birthday was Thursday, party was going to be Saturday night). I was sick with I would like to think is some flu like symptoms that literally kicked my ass around a bit. This also put a hamper on the job search too...since I missed an important call that Friday.

No worries though...I'm 2 days ways from my official discharge date from the Air Force and I'm not that nervous...still have leads and a nest egg. Oh, and I'm still limiting my search to here..although come mid-Oct if nothing is lined up, DC it is.


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Dad said...

Glad to see the new post, and glad you are feeling better.
Sorry 'bout them Saints!