Saturday, September 29, 2007

The REAL last day in the Air Force

Well, today is officially my last day in the US Air Force. I actually received my discharge certificate today to make it hit home even more. Oh, and here's some stone cold honesty...I think I made a mistake going civilian. No, I don't think I'll change my mind when I finally start's just the AF was alright in my book. I seem to think I got out more because of all my friends jumping/jumped ship and not because I 100% wanted to. Yet, again, I've made the choice...and I need to keep the head up and just get working to get my mind off the Air Force.

SSgt Michael Lynch
United States Air Force

Duty History:
1998-2001 - Pentagon, Washington DC
2001-2002 - Kunsan AB, S. Korea (my favorite year in the AF)
2002-2007 - Langley AFB, VA
2002 - United Arab Emirates
2005 - Qatar
2006-2007 Baghdad, Iraq


Dad said...

I thought you might be regretting your decision to get out. Your Posting really hit home with me. I also felt (later on) that I made a mistake leaving the AF when I did, but my decision was based on completely different circumstances than yours. I wish for you that there was an easy way for you to go back in. Even if you could, you would probably have to change your career field. I'll be thinking of you as you move forward in your life. God bless you my son.

Anonymous said...

2002 GOOD YEAR DOg!!!
dON b