Monday, September 10, 2007

Tried it on

Well, here is the suit in all it's glory. Money well spent if you ask I just need to get some interviews set up.

On a side note, I have my follow up with the hospital tomorrow, regarding the surgery. I honestly feel 95% back to my normal self...although I hate the look of the scar. Although, due to its location, not many people will ever get to see it. haha



Proud Papa said...

Very nice son. You "clean up good." I know that you will be getting those interviews soon, just don't know where. You have a lot to offer and any company would be very lucky to have you as an employee/associate.

A Very Proud Mom said...

You are very handsome my son.That was a very good choice.
Like dad said "you clean up good"
Good luck in your job search.
You do have a lot to offer.

Tachyon said...

Let me know if you need any connections in the Rockies =P. Denver is a happening place.

Anonymous said...

Very sharp mike! You look like your ready for the real world. Funny huh, changing one uniform for the next. Trust me I know how it feels, did the suit thing for my time as a agent ;) Tell the folks I said high. Oh by the way mike I'm havin another GIRL!! :) I wanted a boy, but hey as long as she's healthy right.

Don B