Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jeeves..take me to Baltimore

So last night I dragged Dan and Bobby with me to Baltimore. Lauren, a real good friend of mine, was celebrating turning the big 3-0. So we made the journey with the help of my other good friend, TomTom, seeing most of downtown Baltimore in the process. We get there, and no kidding, I was like 1 of 4 Michael/Mikes...hence where my Mikey nickname really comes in handy. Haha... anyways, we had a great time even if the bar closed early with the threat of the springing forward dancing around the employees' eyes. Anyways, thought you'd like to see my outfit from last night.


Mom said...

Look very sharp their.
Love that hat.
Glad you had a great time

Dad said...

"Women go crazy 'bout a sharp
dressed man."
- ZZ Top

Lookin' good there son.
Glad you had a good time.