Friday, September 26, 2008

Allergies suck

I don't seem to recall having allergy issues this time of year (around my birthday), but yet here they are. Went to sleep last night 100%, and woke up this morning to an itchy nose and slight jet-powered triple sneezes. Needless to say my first day back at work after class was fun (by the way, we tested at the end of this class and I actually I'm officially ITIL certified!) I still have to take my Security + test from that first class I was sent too...but that will come real soon.

In other news, the era of D.C Mikey no longer going out every Friday and Saturday takes effect this weekend. So far I plan to "stay in" both nights...and by staying in, I mean staying away from my bar. Only plan on going there 2-3 times a month...depending on special occasions of course. The only problem is, even sitting here slightly under the weather, I feel like I should be doing something out of the apartment.

Oh well...time to take a Claritin and pass the heck out.

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Dad said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather.
It may not be allergies, your Mom got sick late this week, (blames me of course) it may be from my time with you two weeks ago.
Congrats on the certification. I followed your link, it looks complicated.
Hang in there Big Guy!!