Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Replaced the iPhone...

...with an iPod Touch! It's nice to be able to fool around with that tech again; because as much as I've grown to love my BlackBerry, I missed so many things about the iPhone. It basically is everything is minus the phone, camera, and no GPS.

In other news, maybe I did catch a cold and not allergies...since instead of sneezing, now I have a stuffy nose and a slight nagging cough. *cough*

Finally, I'm going to be walking on October 25th (happy birthday Aaron!,) with my Company's regional office for the American Diabetes Association. Basically around the Capital Building and the surrounding environs. Look for an email soon!

Oh, here's the link for more info:



Dad said...

Sorry 'bout *cough* that pesky *cough* cold.
I don't know how you might have caught that ;}
Way to go on the diabetes walk. We'll be sponsoring you.

Morgan said...

Good luck with the walk! Doing stuff like that really does make a huge difference, causing awareness as well as fundraising. I think that's awesome. It will be a great experience.