Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tires & Class

Well, the GTI is whole again as of Wednesday...stupid tire warranty only took care of the first $200, so I had to cough up a little over $100 to cover the total cost. Oh well, guess that's better than paying full price.

In other news, I've already been scheduled to attend "Security +" training next week, by my new company. It's basically a class to get you geared up to take an I.T. certification exam. Keep in mind, I've only been with this company since this past Tuesday! So after orientation and this class next week, I'll hardly be @ my actual job.


Dad said...

Man, that's a lot for one tire!
Hope you enjoy your class.
Pretty nice for your new employer to start you on your training so soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey man I tired to call you last week!

Don B

Mikey said...


My number has changed. Email me dude.