Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diabetes Walk Wrap-Up

Well, today was the "Step Out For Diabetes" walk, so I thought my donors would like a report on the event. First off, our team (General Dynamics Information Technology) had a goal of $2,000 raised, and we beat that by about $700, so thanks to Mom & Dad and Nana & Granddad for donating! I think we all know how close to home this hits, so it was honor for you all to come together and sponsor me (don't worry, I donated as well!) As for the walk itself, it kind of sucked realizing late last night that I didn't have a raincoat perse, so I actually drug one of military gortex jackets out of retirement for what was going to be a rainy morning. We got lucky though, because we didn't have any rain at all during the walk. We started out in front of the Capitol (which even with living here, is still an awesome sight to behold), then trecked our way around for 2 miles through the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. Heck, I even say a pumpkin carved with Obama's logo along the way!

Of course, the rain did come today...but luckily not until I was safe and sound in my apartment. :)

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Dad said...

Again, thanks son for you doing the walk and raising the money for diabetes research. We were honored to help out.
Glad your weather held off. We thought you would get rained on for sure.