Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Warning: Passionate Rant Ahead

I posted this on a forum I frequent...was getting tired of some the ignorance I was seeing. I can respect for being for your chosen canidate, but when you base it on trivial ignorance such as what I state below...that's just lame:


Why his is name even an's 2000 freakin' 8 people! It kills me to see these ignorant people still say they don't trust the man because of his name.

"It means he's Muslim!"

Well, he's not! Heck, does it truly matter if he was anyways? This isn't 1607, where a bunch of puratinic folks came across on ships and ran the native people out. We are truly a melting pot...and have been for quite awhile. I think deep down, the same people say it isn't about race, it truly is in the back of their minds. And that's a damn shame...

That being said, I'm glad to see most of you guys involved in these heated back up your words with a vote. I'm sure you can find time during the 12 hours or so the polls are open on the 4th. Then I'll respect you, if you're not going to vote you can just keep your mouth shut...


Yes, your Mikey can be passionate about things if he wants too.

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Dad said...

I agree!
Every vote counts.
The worst thing is not the vote for the other candidate, it's the vote that was never cast because of apathy.