Thursday, October 9, 2008


My DC friends will like this....after a 2 weekend break, I do plan on going out at least once this weekend. I was motivated by the fact that Bobby actually called me to go out tonight (which I quickly told him no), but will get with him tomorrow night. Reason being, he's been pretty scarce since moving out of Crystal City and bringing his girlfriend up from Houston. I can't have too many drinks though...because as Homer Simpson would say, "beer kills brain cells", since I will be finally taking my Security + exam on Monday morning (yes, on a day off no less).

Oh, the GOP is so sad resorting to the false truths mud-slinging, as our man Obama tries to run a respectable campaign. :P

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Morgan said...

The GOP mudslinging is ridiculous right now. I've been getting emails left and right with nothing but lies about Obama. They're getting desperate now that they're falling way behind in the polls. I hope the polls are a good sign of what will happen in 3 weeks. Geez.