Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Money in the bank

Well, after much talk, I finally did it today. I zoomed over to the local Comcast office and turned my cable box in. I'm officially no longer a cable TV subscriber...although I'll still have their internet service. Anyways, I'm able to get 1080i broadcast HDTV in my apartment courtesy of this nice flat antenna I bought late last year. Although the internet rate went up quite a bit since I no longer have the TV option...but I'll still save $50/month this way. No sense paying for something I hardly ever watched.

Sickness update: the stomach flu is gone, but the cough still lingers. All told, there were about 3-4 days last week were I hardly ate anything...and I've had people say it actually looks like I lost some weight...just what I need, right? LOL Needless to say the appetite is back though, especially after running yesterday for the first time in 2009. :D


Dad said...

Glad you're feeling better.
Now to put some meat on those bones, trips to Chipotle and Krispy Kreme are in order. Wait, that might not be meat you gain...
Don't know if we could go without cable, but sometimes I'm tempted to try.

Mom said...

Glad you are feeling better to son
Bundle up on Tuesday.
Don't want you to get sick again.