Monday, September 14, 2009

More soccer

So, I can't get enough of D.C United...and hanging out with this friend of mine. Don't mind the lack of smiling in the first photo...I really was happy.

This picture on the other hand is getting all sorts of love on Facebook. This was taken on the train ride back that night...all alone in the train car...and you can see the aura of content on my face (and a bit of ye olde sleepiness). =)


Dad said...

Looks like you are really getting into the soccer (local) thing.
What are the big plans for your 3.1 birthday?

Mikey said...

Plans are having a table at a local lounge on Saturday night. Dressing up and getting all fancy fancy again. Then Sunday will be football Sunday.

Mom said...

Have a great time son. Happy Birthday. I will text you on Sunday since your game is first.