Friday, September 25, 2009

The Weekend's Plans

So, if you didn't catch 2 posts ago, I have deleted my Twitter. I just thought it was maybe a bit too much insight into my daily activities. How many times do you really want to see that I'm all sweaty for running, going to Rhino, or watching football?

Anyways, have another busy weekend ahead of me. I have a 5K tomorrow morning as part of the Clarendon Day festival (Clarendon being a neighborhood in Arlington). After that, I come home and pack and then head to Ocean City, MD for H20i, which is a VW festival/show. Get to see lots of old friends from the Hampton Roads area, not to mention some cool cars. Then I should be back in time for at least Sunday Night Football.

Don't worry, I'll be safe and responsible...after all, I'm XXXI now. Haha


Dad said...

Good luck on the race.
Have a great weekend!
Looking forward to some Dub pics.
Hope it's not to rainy up there this weekend

Mom said...

Have a good run son.
Have fun at the Dud meeting.

Mikey said...