Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A blurb from the 5k

I was perusing the site for the delayed Valentine's Day 5K I will be running this weekend and came across this:

When you finish the race, you will receive a pre-loaded gift card; ranging in value from $3 to $30 to redeem at Champps Pentagon Row (card values are randomly assigned). For the single guy who nabs a lucky $30 gift card, here’s your chance to buy the hot girl you spied at mile 2 that morning a mimosa! Your wingman only has $3 on his card? Well, he’ll still be able to get something to wet his whistle.

Hmmm...I always see quite a few cute women out there during these races. ;)


Dad said...

Things that make you go hmm...
and good luck with the race.

Mom said...

I agree with dad hmm
Have a great race.