Saturday, April 10, 2010

Latest 5K Results

Well, it was chillier and a bit more windy for this this 5K Friday...and I ran the race pretty well. Except for the fact one of my shoelaces loosened up around mile 2! Grrrr...nevertheless, this weeks time was better than last week. Check for yourself:

Last week's time is first, then this week's. If it weren't for my lace pit-stop I woulda been under 25 min, Grrrrr

Michael Lynch 31 M Arlington VA 25:17 25:03

Side note, I need to recalibrate my Nike+ sensor since it has measured the last two 5k's @ 2.4 miles when it should be 3.1. Off to a local High School track to do such a thing tomorrow!


Mom said...

Good job son. Grrr for the shoe lace, maybe double knot them, I do.

Dad said...

Good results, even with delay.
I have never calibrated my sensor, will check it out.