Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The month of races continues

Have yet another 5k Friday this week along with that 5K in Loudon County on Sunday morning. That morning will equal waking up super early to drive the 30-40 miles right past Leesburg. Although one recently discovered snag with that one, being that I'm not allowed to wear headphones! Grrr...that will make the race even longer than they feel sometimes. Nevertheless, I may try and wear my iPod sans the phones so I can still track my miles.

Oh, and I've been a bit of a celebrity on my apartment building's blog as of late. Here's the latest quote:

"Staying fit in Crystal City: 5K Fridays (Mikey runs them, so let him know on Facebook if you run them too) til the end of April...."

Yay! :) Oh, and before you ask, no responses. :P


Dad said...

Yay on the races.
BTW, which race were we going to sponsor you in?
I had forgotten about it, sorry!

Mikey said...

I probably won't be signing up for that one. Good possibility I may be flying to Charlotte that weekend the race is supposed to be held.