Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bond to a Birthday

So, this should be an awesome week. It starts off with the 007 Film Festival I've been going gah-gah over playing my favorite Bond flick, "Goldfinger", tomorrow (although I may or not be seeing it at that particular time). Then the new Indiana Jones movie comes out this week (better be awesome!) The hits keep coming though, because H&M is running its "Friends & Family" sale starting Friday (20% off score!), and finally wrapping up the week by celebrating Dan's birthday...hopefully @ Park (and of course, Rhino).  

Wow, I think I may have went a tad bit overboard with the parentheses use...but what the heck. I'm excited...and refreshed from a pretty cool trip back home this past weekend. Free coffee is awesome...but sunburnt sandal feet kinda suck. LOL


Morgan said...

Sounds like it will be a good week. H+M, fun!

Dad said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend at home.
So did we.
I hope this week is good for you too, sure sounds like it.
Don't forget...3-day weekend coming up!