Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Well, I'm finally going to post this on the blog...this originally posted this past March on my Facebook (which a very limited amount of people have access to).  

"So yeah, I can only post this on Facebook because certain people can't see it (unlike MySpace and my public blog). With the horrible news of 4,000 deaths in Iraqi Freedom, a thought has begun to rear it's head once again. What's that thought you ask? That would be me calling up the local (Air) National Guard recruiter for some information.

Anyways, those that have known me for awhile, know that sometimes I think I made mistake leaving the military. Yet as much as I love being a civilian...I still feel a higher calling...a calling that tells me 9 years in uniform wasn't enough. Especially with the apathy of most of my generation to military service.

Oh BTW...this news and these thoughts come almost to the day 10 years ago that I left Virginia for Boot Camp in Texas."

Now before anyone goes crazy and tries to tie me up to a post to prevent from doing anything about this, please be aware I'm still honoring my "wait a full year after I leave the Air Force" before I do anything in relation to this.


Dad said...

I don't have any plans to "secure you to a post."
As you would probably know, my only concern would be your chances on returning to a hot zone. The same concerns I had when you were active duty.
If you feel a calling, then go with what your head and heart tell you to do.
Love You Son,

Mom said...

I agree with your dad son.
Love you son,