Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random work

So this week @ work, I'm scoring overtime for the first time in my life.  Problem is, I don't care for it.  I'm working an extra 3 hours a day, Tuesday-Thursday, helping to deploy our new Dell PCs and Monitors.  So why don't I like it?  It would be because by the time I get off...I'm either too lazy to run and/or gym, or if I do, I eat dinner real late.  That and I keep thinking my evenings are pretty much screwed.  So yeah, I think I'm going to do it this week and tell them I'm not interested anymore.  Sure, I could do it for one day or so...but it wouldn't be worth it for the pay.

Blah...oh, and with everything with my apartment building...our pool's opening was delayed.  Man these guys suck at giving out completion dates...I bet if I was even a few days late with my rent they'd be right on me.  Hahaha

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Mom said...

Hopefully the pool will be open this weekend. Sorry about about your work.
Love Mom