Thursday, May 8, 2008 long as I own my VW.

For those that didn't know, Volkswagen actually just moved it's American HQ from Michigan to Northern Virginia.  So, if that wasn't cool enough, VW just announced that they are sponsoring DC's major league soccer team, DC United.  I actually found out via an email from VW yesterday offering me 4 free tickets and free parking for being a VW owner to tonight's home game (too short notice for me to cash in on though).  That being said, I await more free tickets...and I plan to buy a proper jersey as soon as they put them up for sale...and finally retire the DC United practice shirt I bought the 1st time I lived here (so like, 8 years ago...LOL).

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Dad said...

Yep, sounds like a great perk for being a dub owner.
Hope your weekend is great and see you soon.