Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 2011 Race far.

By request here's my slate of races so far this year:

2/13 Love the One You're With 5K

3/12 Four Courts Four

4/1 Crystal Run 5K Fridays

4/8 Crystal Run 5K Fridays

4/10 GW Parkway Classic (5K)

4/15 Crystal Run 5K Fridays

4/22 Crystal Run 5K Fridays

4/29 Crystal Run 5K Fridays

4/30 Earth Day 5K

Gonna be a bit busy. Will probably doing some race volunteer work in-between these as a part of the Pacers Ambassador program I mentioned earlier this week, as well.


Dad said...

Wow son!
Any of those races close by?

Mom said...

Yes you are going to be very busy.

Mikey said...

They are almost all in Arlington. Then one in Alexandria and another in Silver Spring, MD.

Husky Downs said...

(Not Spam!)

Came across your blog and...

I think you'd be a great addition to our site as a contributing writer. We even have a section on fitness. All we can offer you is more exposure if you write/blog on our site; however, we're totally cool with you cross-promoting your site as well - so long as you're blogging on our site and not just dropping links.

You're welcome to writing on any of our pages, so you're not just limited to sports - unless of course you want to do only that. Heck, you can even post the same articles you post on your page, just post them on ours as well. Our goal is ultimately to become an online magazine - we're in the early stages right now.

So what say you?

Mikey said...


Thanks for reading and especially for the offer. I'm going to have to decline, my life's pretty busy and all this blog is really for is for people who know me (or who ever comes across it), to see hat's going on. I really do not have any aspirations of it being anything more. Thanks though!

Anonymous said...

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