Sunday, January 30, 2011

And it's official

Had our first Pacers Ambassadors meeting tonight. Got the official shirts that I will wear all year and some swag for the amount of races I ran with Pacers last year.

Short sleeve tech tee
Long sleeve tech tee

Awesome awesome, and all free of charge (minus the race entry fees). Oh, and the first races of the 2011 series is in less than 2 weeks!


Mom said...

Awesome, son. Nice shirts too

Dad said...

Very, very nice son.
I know you are getting excited about this coming year in running.

Mikey said...

Yeah, very nice stuff. Those ambassador shirts are really soft too! Can't wait to get this started...leg is feeling better, though I just need for this snow to melt around here so I can get some running in!

Kristin said...

Saw that you are an ambassador as well - looking forward to a great year with Pacers and the group!

Mikey said...

Thanks Kristin...loving it so far!