Monday, January 3, 2011

Fairfax Four Miler

Not the best finish time in the world (being that I slow down my running this time of year due to the weather); but an enjoyable 4 mile run was had nonetheless. Race got a bit too dark in spots for my liking, but luckily that was a somewhat rare occurrence. Oh, and another hilly race through George Mason University (raced there back in July).

Anyways here's the stats

Place: 754 out of 1291 (very close to my bib number, haha)
Time: 39:06

10 minute mile? Yuck! Though in my defense, one of my shoes untied a mile into the race so I had to "pull over to the shoulder" rip off my gloves and fix it. I did double knot them before I started, but couldn't stand the laces flipping around loose down there. If that hadn't have happened, I'd probably be around 38:00 to 38:30. :P


Mom said...

Nice pic son, sorry about the shoe lace thou.

Dad said...

You sure are a dedicated runner son.
Most people slow down in the winter months but not you.
Way to go!

Anonymous said...

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