Sunday, December 21, 2008

Company Holiday Party

So I ventured out on my own last night over to Chantilly, VA for my division of General Dynamic's Holiday Party. The first thing that I thought was strange was upon getting to the hotel was that we were directed to park up the road (at the company HQ no less) I was already thinking there must be a ton of people here. Upon parking the car I noticed the company hired out swanky tour buses to take us to and from the hotel.

Westfields Marriott

Can you say "wow" (after checking the link to the hotel above)! Color me impressed, a full service party with hors d'oeuvres always coming around via waiters/waitresses and multiple bars (we each received tickets for 2 drinks, and water/juice/soda was unlimited). Casino rooms where one took fake money that was handed to us to try to get more raffle tickets, free portraits, full course dinner, and even rooms set up with Wii's and XBox's!

Luckily, I met up with a few coworkers and hung out with them most of the night. Alas, this one event I should have tried to bring a date to, because there was nothing but couples there...oh well, live and learn. That being said, I didn't stay all the way until til midnight, and left a tad bit early...had to beat the freezing rain that was forecast for the overnight hours. To think, it was all free and the only thing it truly cost me was the gas to drive out the 20 or so miles to and from Chantilly.

PS. Of course, this extravagance makes me think how much our government overpays for contracts...but oh well...I'm one of the dirty ones, so I shouldn't complain!


Dad said...

Very nice!!
You work hard, then you play hard, eh?
Like I said before, enjoy the perks (while you have them.)
Any idea about seeing you on Christmas?

Mom said...

Glad you had a good time.
Agree with dad enjoy the perks.