Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis the season...

I'm sure some of my readers know of the web comic, Penny Arcade. If you've ever perused through their archives you wouldn't think it; but these guys rock. For you see, every year around the holidays for what seems at least the last 5 years they run a charity called "Child's Play". Basically they let children's hospitals all around the world set up wish lists for items on Amazon.com. It started off as just video games (hence the name), but now the hospitals will ask for books, toys, movies, etc. Anyways, I've always watched it but never actually donated anything...until now. I decided I should spread my good fortune onto others, so I bought 3 things for the Carillion Medical Center for Children in Roanoke, VA. No games though, I actually bought them 2 DVDs...one being my favorite movie of the year, Wall*E...and the other item being an Espanol book of "Where the Wild Things are".

I highly suggest, if you have the means, to donate a little something...these guys ask for the cheapest books all the way to an XBox for the kids to play with as they try to get better.

Child's Play

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Dad said...

I have heard of that.
It sounds like a great cause.
I will look into it further.