Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, I had the luncheon today. It was pretty cool...even if it was a buffet-like place...but hey, free food while on the clock is always good right! Anyways, I actually won a door prize! I won a blue iPod Shuffle 1GB and an $10 iTunes gift card. Pretty I just need to get rid of the silver one I wasn't even using anymore. LOL


Don b said...

Speaking of Apple hey dude my mac mini, took a dive, I know you had one longer than me. Do oyu have any ideas??


Mikey said...

You reinstall the OS?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just dropped it off at the repair place, I have like $300 worth of I tunes! I did a back up about 2 months ago. Oh well, so what are you doing for the holiday?

Don B