Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Since my rent went up with the new lease... would be nice to save a little extra money a month. That being said, I picked up an over-the-air antenna for my TV. I then let my awesome Sony TV search for HD channels and it found at least 20 crystal clear ones (to include SD broadcasts). The quality is just as good as my cable! So yeah, gonna cancel cable TV service with Comcast and just keep their internet...which will probably save me at least $50/month. Thank you Circuit City for actually carrying an antenna like this. Oh, and the antenna is not even some rabbit ear's actually a flat black plastic piece that is less than an inch thick.



Dad said...

How much was the antenna?
Not sure that would work as well for us since all of our stations are on the southside. (plus Mom is addicted to several cable channels)

Mikey said...

$50 bucks...and if you want I can bring it down next time I'm in town...whenever that may be.

Dad said...

Thanks, I would like to try your antenna to see how many channels (if any) we could get here.